DIY Ceiling Painting

From accent walls to tile masterpieces, its no secret that painting a ceiling or a floor can completely change a room for the better. But while our experienced house painters in Phoenix and Chandler have already helped with the floor painting how to’s, we felt it was time to shed some light on painting up above and beyond!

Get the Right Tools:

Before you begin, make sure you have all the right tools that you’ll need for the job. Unlike quick touch-ups or accent wall painting (in which you can probably get away with covering only part of the flooring with a protective cloth or sheet of plastic), for a ceiling, you’ll need to cover the entire floor just in case you drip or slip. Next, make sure you have the right size extension pole for your roller, it should be a length you’ll be able to control easily while on the ground or on a ladder, if need be. Finally, be sure you have a paintbrush for the details in the four corners.

Roll Toward Yourself:

Though many are tempted to roll in two directions over their heads, in doing so, you’ll end up forfeiting your control of the roller. Instead, start off by positioning yourself in the corner of the room and roll (with your extension) toward you in slow, parallel motions.

Skip the Letters, Even for the Second Coat:

Though our house painters in Phoenix often recommend using the letter technique (painting a “W” or “V” pattern for easy, equal coverage), when you’re painting your ceiling, skip it all together. By focusing on the letters, you’ll run the risk of losing control of the roller (and tiring your arms out!). Instead, continue with the slow parallel lines you started making in the beginning. If you need a second coat, repeat the step, but this time, paint in the perpendicular direction.

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