Paint Tourism: Top 3 Destinations

You’ll have to do the pilgrimage in our place. You were looking for an interesting vacation, anyway, weren’t you? Here’s our list of the world’s top paint-related destinations.

Jodhpur, India

This whole city has the blues. There are different theories about how and why the blueness started – all anyone knows for certain is that there is blue paint all over Jodhpur, and the result is stunning. Maybe more towns should get together and color-coordinate like this.

Vercorin, Switzerland

Artist Felice Varini coordinated an entire town’s paint even more impressively: he created a gigantic optical illusion. By painting fragments of arches all over different buildings throughout Vercorin, Varini enabled viewers to sit on a hill atop the town and see, from that angle, the illusion of huge circles floating over the city. The real trick must’ve been getting the homeowner’s association on board.

Alexandria, Indiana

We don’t have a photo for this one. Better yet, we have a video. Here’s the scoop: Michael Carmichael has been adding one layer of paint to a regulation-size baseball every day for the past forty years. He now holds the Guiness World Record for World’s Largest Ball of Paint – and the best part is, visitors are allowed to add their own layer. So head on down, and make your mark.

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