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Home Exterior Painting Inspiration

Changing the color of your home is a big decision that you will need to live with for several years, so you want to make the right choice. While a bathroom or bedroom can be repainted in a few hours and is hidden away in your home, exterior painting is a labor-intensive project that everyone will see. To determine the best colors and type of paint, consider these factors to inspire you to make the right choice for your next exterior painting project.

Match Your Accents

You may have ideas on colors you would prefer but consider the accents you have on your home before choosing a color. Roofing, brickwork, stone veneer – these are fixed in place and you will want your new color to blend appropriately. For example, red brick can work well with yellow/cream, sage, taupe or beige, but may not look quite right with certain blues. Graystone tends to look best with grays and earth tones. Unless you are planning to change these accents, it is best to stick with color schemes that will match them for a unified look.

Look to Your Neighbors

If you have close neighbors, you want to consider the other colors surrounding your home. You want a color that blends but is unique. It is best to choose a color scheme that is different than the homes closest to yours to stand out and give your home character.


Do you have lively, bright colors of flowers and blooming trees in your front yard? Or is your landscaping mostly green or xeriscaping? You want your home’s color to offset your landscaping. A front-yard full of bright colors may look better with a home that is neutral or lighter in color, so it does not contrast with the gardens. A simple front yard is better for bright or bold home colors.

What’s Trending?

One of the top colors in exteriors for 2018 is shades of greige (a combination of gray and beige). Not only does it look fantastic and blend with many accents, but it can also even help improve the value of your home. A study performed by Zillow showed that homes painted greige sold for an average of $3,500 more. Of course, if you are not planning to sell but want a trendy color, there are others to consider. While whites and neutrals have been the trends for the last few years, there is a move to bolder, darker colors for 2018.

To Gloss or Not to Gloss?

For exteriors, most people choose a low-gloss paint that is good at hiding flaws in siding and is only slightly reflective. However, if your home is newer and has few imperfections, you can go with a semi-gloss or even a high-gloss that makes your home shine and is easier to clean, especially on trim.

Sun and Shade

If you have painted before, you know how the paint looks on paper does not represent how it will look on a wall in different lights. The sun and shade around your home will impact the color throughout the day. You may love the look of a darker gray in theory, but on a home shaded by large trees, that dark color may become oppressive. When you find a color you think is right, try painting a spot on different sides of the house to get an idea of how the light changes the appearance.

Trim it Up

Sometimes it is not the house color that makes the biggest splash; the trim can be the most enticing part of a new exterior paint job. You can go bolder with trim than you may dare with wall colors, giving you a chance to show your style. Meet with a color consultant and explore all the options in matching the right wall color with a trim that will make your home unique and stylish. Dark with light, bold with beige – there are many combinations that can give your home a brand-new look that you will love.

Inspiration Meets Experience

While you may have fun choosing the new look for your home’s exterior, the painting should be left to the professionals. You want new paint that will look sensational, but you also want it to last. Our team at the Arizona Painting Company has the experience you need to fulfill your inspiration for your home’s new look. We offer quality in all our services and stand behind our work, giving you peace of mind that your new paint will last for years to come.

If you are ready to give your home in Arizona a new style in 2018, give our friendly team a call at Arizona Painting Company. Schedule a meeting with our color consultant to get you started on choosing the new inspiring look for your home’s exterior.

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