Exterior House Painting – Repaint of the Week

We were called a few weeks back by this homeowner, they stated they were in need of a Chandler painting company. The homeowner stated that it had been about 10 years since the house was last painted. We promptly scheduled the estimate and arrived a few days later to walk the property with the owner.

From the street, the house appeared to be in fairly good shape, just a little faded. However, once we walked the property with the homeowner we could see it was severely cracked, paint was peeling in several areas, and the once dark brown trim was faded several shades lighter.  We got some measurements and left the homeowner with a written house painting quote. A few days later we were able to schedule the job to start.

House Painting Before Picture

House Painting Before Picture

The homeowner had seen a house a few blocks away that she really liked, we were able to match those colors. Its always great when this happens because then they have a real life preview of the finished product so they know that their paint job will look like once done.

Our house painters powerwashed the home, filled all cracks, repaired all stucco, applied waterproofing on the foundation, masked, then finally repainted the house. We did 2 full coats of paint on the home and 3 full coats on the trim. Pictures really don’t do this justice, you should see it in person, this painting job was amazing!

House Painting After Picture

House Painting After Picture

The last step was a unique request, they asked us to refinish this front security door. She had something in mind already which was an oil rubbed bronze finish from rustoleum.


Instead of getting the spray rattle cans the painter got a quart and applied it with an HVLP sprayer.  We felt that using a rattle can would not give as uniform as a finish as an HVLP sprayer would.  The finish was absolutely amazing.  It matched the customers lights perfectly and she was extremely happy with her exterior painting job.

After we repainted the security door.

After we repainted the security door.

Make sure you check out our photo gallery for pictures of other cool painting jobs we have done!

Written by Joe Campbell

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