House Repaint of the Week – Gilbert, AZ

Repaint of the Week – Gilbert, AZ

This weeks featured house painting project was a home we just finished in Gilbert, AZ.  The 2 story 3000 sqft home is located in a great community called Agritopia.  This neighborhood is unique in that it has tree lined streets, grass in every yard, inviting front porches, and some homes even have their own basements—a rarity in Arizona.

Arizona Painting Company has  painted  several homes in Agritopia over the years and we always love painting in this community.  The best part is that the HOA allows unique colors you won’t usually see in other areas of Gilbert.  The HOA has an approved color list on file with Dunn Edwards and also they accept custom schemes as long as you submit them for approval prior to beginning your house painting project.


Front – Before


Front – After

After - Front #2

Front #2 – After


This home was a perfect example of how important the exterior painting process is on a home.  Had we not taken the time to pressure wash, scrape, fill cracks and mask this home wouldn’t have turned out as amazing as it did.  We started this home on a Monday and were able to get it done by Friday afternoon.

We used Dunn Edwards AcriHues 100% Acrylic paints for this project and applied 2 coats.  The color scheme was 3 different colors:

Main Body:  Dunn Edwards “Coyote DE5249”

Popouts:  Dunn Edwards “Wild Maple DE5246”

Trim/Doors/Metal:  Dunn Edwards “BBQ DE5118”

coyote, wild maple, bbq


The colors are a little unusual and when looking at the chips I was a little worried about the final outcome.  However, we made sure to put up samples for the homeowner to approve before we started painting and once I saw these up I knew it was going to look great.  You can really see how well they go with each other to give it a very rich finish.


Before - Back of House

Before – Back of House

wild maple dE5246, coyote DE5249, bbq DE5118

After – Back of House

If you are interested in getting a free painting quote for your home please call us today!  We are your preferred house painter in Gilbert, AZ and we serve the entire Phoenix Valley.  Schedule a painting quote here or call us directly at 480-926-7700.

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